Cartridge manufactory transfer to switzerland

After working up to 45 years for EMT continuously, the production team in Mahlberg got retired in 2014. The manufactory of the EMT cartridges has been moved step by step to Micha Huber’s company HiFiction AG in Winterthur (Switzerland). In a long-lasting process, all know-how, equipment and tooling has been carefully transferred to the young team in Switzerland.

By July 1st 2018, HiFiction AG takes over all EMT cartridge business incl development, production, repair service and international sales. The broadcast line for the EU market is still distributed by EMT Studiotechnik in Mahlberg.


This is the official EMT website for all MC-cartridge related products. For the preamplifier EMT JPA 66 and information on other EMT products, please visit EMT International.