STX 5/10
STX 5/10

STX 5/10

Silver wire toroidal transformer

The EMT MC step-up transformer has been carefully designed and manufactured in Switzerland to satisfy highest demands for musicality. It is perfectly matched to EMT cartridges as a reference and offers a second output for cartridges with lower output level.

The toroidal winding technology with purest silver wire and advanced magnetic materials bring this very traditional technology to a new level of ultra-low noise and high resolution.

Gain:                         +14 dB (1:5) / +20 dB (1:10)
Wire:                          99,99% silver
Core:                         Very low loss alloy
Ground options:   Center tap / Floating / Input Cold
Load options:        EMT /  Open
Size:                          200x160x80mm

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The J-Headshell was especially developed to use the JSD MC-cartridges on EMT tonearms. It is designed so that the diamond tips of TSD15 and JSD are at the same level. Thus, no adaptations are required if you want to alternately use an EMT TSD and JSD cartridge or to upgrade from a TSD 15 to a JSD cartridge.

Connection:     EMT / INT
Weight:              11g