EMT 928 II
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EMT 928 II

The EMT 928 II is a massive built precision turntable with an overall weight of 23kg. The chassis is machined from aluminium, resting on four decoupled, spherical feet.

The device features an independent battery power source, so any interference from the power grid is excluded. The built-in charger circuit handles the charging cycles automatically and shows the status with a two-colour LED.

A most modern 20 Watts motor speeds up the 5,5kg platter in a short time and keeps the speed constant within a narrow tolerance-field.

Platter speed: 33⅓ / 45 / 78rpm
Wow and flutter: ±0,07% (IEC 386)
Rumble: -85dB (IEC 98)
Speed-up time: 10 / 12 / 20s
Battery service life: 40 / 38 / 30h
Dimension: 480x340x100mm
Weight: 23kg
Input voltage: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Output terminal: RCA, with separated tonearm ground
Mounting distance arm: 215-245mm, prepared for EMT 9-inch tonearm